The Houston Area Survey  
The Houston Area Survey
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Other Publications


Other Articles Presenting Findings 
from the Houston Area Survey (1996-Present)

The 2002 Survey:

Snyder, Mike. 2002. "Survey: Area Asians Have Head Start: Most Immigrants Already Educated Before They Arrive." The Houston Chronicle, October 1, pp. 1A, 8A.

Nissimov, Ron. 2002. "Blacks Irritated by Immigrant Influx." The Houston Chronicle,August 25, pp. 33A, 37A.

Snyder, Mike. 2002. "What? Us Worry? Yes, Even More, Study Shows." The Houston Chronicle, May 28, pp. 1A, 10A. 

The 2001 Survey: 

The Economist. 2001."The Next Global City? The Blob That Ate East Texas: For Most Outsiders, Texas is a Foreign Country. Its Biggest City, Though, Might Surprise the Rest of the World." June 23, pp. 30-32.

Snyder, Mike. 2001. "Area Whites Favor Diverse Communities; Poll, Reality Differ, Analysis Shows." Houston Chronicle, April 29, pp. 20A, 21A.

Snyder, Mike. 2001. "Hispanics Grow to Dominate Area's Younger Work Force; Survey reflects 
 changes in city." Houston Chronicle, Thursday, March 29, pp. 1A, 16A.

Snyder, Mike. 2001. "Redesigning Houston: Most County Residents Back Planning for Development, New Survey Indicates." Houston Chronicle, Sunday, February 18, pp. 37-38A.

Yardley, Jim. 2001. "Legal Fight Stalls a City's Plan for Light-Rail Relief: A Mass Transit Plan 
 Flounders While Traffic Rises." The New York Times, February 13, p. 14. 

The 2000 Survey: 

Soskis, Benjamin. 2000. "Lone Star Joining: Why Texas Looks Like America." The New Republic, September 18, pp. 23-27.

Dawson, Bill. 2000. "Residents Seem Ready to Help Clean Up Air, Survey Says; Most Support Stricter Tailpipe Tests, 55 mph Speed Limit." Houston Chronicle, Monday, June 26, pp. 15A, 16A.

Snyder, Mike. 2000. "Hispanic Immigrants Lagging Far Behind: Findings Hold Serious Implications for Area," Houston Chronicle, Sunday, June 25, pp. 31-32A. 

The 1999 Survey: 

Sallee, Rad. 1999. "Tale of One City: Survey Paints Extensive Portrait of Houstonians' Lives and 
 Opinions." Houston Chronicle, 3 May, pp. 1A, 10A, 11A.

Williams, John. 1999. "Area Residents Favor Growth of Downtown: Light-Rail Project Gains 
 Some Momentum; 37 Percent Support Public Funds for Arena." Houston Chronicle, 3 May, p. 10A.

Rodriguez, Lori. 1999. "We Can Get Along: Houston-Area Residents Support Diversity, But Ethnic Divisions Persist, Survey Discloses." Houston Chronicle, 2 May, pp. 1A, 23A.

The 1998 Survey: 

Villafranca, Armando. 1998. "City Basking in a Strong Economy; Houstonians in Poll Feel Good about Jobs." Houston Chronicle, 19 April, pp. 1A, 21A.

Villafranca, Armando. 1998."Sampling Finds Consistent Optimism: Large Majority Says Hard Work Eventually Will Lead to Success." Houston Chronicle, 19 April, p. 21A.

Villafranca, Armando. 1998. "Most Houstonians Give High Marks to Police." Houston Chronicle, 
 19 April, p. 21A. 
Villafranca, Armando. 1998. "Immigrants' Role Being Seen in New Light." Houston Chronicle, 
 19 April, p. 9A.

Villafranca, Armando. 1998."Survey Finds Views Differing on Race." Houston Chronicle,20 April , pp. 1A, 9A. 

The 1997 Survey: 

Curtis, Gregory. 1997. "By the Numbers." Texas Monthly, February, pp. 7-10.

Dyer, R. A. 1997. "Houstonians Economically Wary, Resistant to Tax Boosts: Heightened Financial Anxiety May Play an Important Role." Houston Chronicle, 30 March, pp. 1A, 10A.

Dyer, R. A. 1997. "Minorities Fearful Despite Rosier Outlook, Survey Says." Houston Chronicle, 30 March, p. 10A.

Dyer, R. A. 1997. "View on Immigration Changes: Survey Shows Houstonians More Tolerant of Other Vultures."  The Houston Chronicle, 31 March, pp. 1A, 8A.

Dyer, R. A. 1997. "Whites Perceive Rosier Ethnic Relations. Houston Chronicle, 31 March, 8A.

Dyer, R. A. 1997. "Houston Called City of 'Tolerant Traditionalists'." Houston Chronicle,1 April, pp. 1A-4A.

Dyer, R. A. 1997. "More, But a Minority, Call Selves Democrats." Houston Chronicle, 2 April, pp. 21A, 28A.

Dyer, R. A. "Poll Finds Public in Step with Many Lanier Goals." Houston Chronicle, 3 April 1997, pp. 1A, 14A.

Dyer, A. A. 1997.  "Core of City Altered Since Boom Years: Economic Turn Changed Houston."   Houston Chronicle, 6 April, pp. 1A, 17 A. 

The 1996 Survey: 

Williams, John. 1996. "Residents Lean Toward Tolerance in Racial Issues." The Houston Chronicle, March 31, pp. 1A, 27A.

Williams, John. 1996. "Poll Finds Support Lacking for HISD Bond Election." The Houston Chronicle, March 31, p. 27A.

Williams, John. 1996. "Area Residents Are Optimistic About Job Outlook Here, Survey Finds."  The Houston Chronicle, March 31, p. 27A.

Williams, John. 1996."Voters Keeping 'Em Guessing: Neither Party Gets Majority in County Poll. The Houston Chronicle, April 1, p. 1.

Williams, John. 1996. "Feeling Safe After Dark: More Residents See Crime as Less of a Problem." The Houston Chronicle, April 1, p. 8A.

Williams, John. 1996.  "More in Survey Say Religion a Big Part of Their Lives." The Houston Chronicle, April 2, pp. 11A, 15A.

Williams, John. 1996. "No Longer a Boom Town, Houston Has Grown Up." The Houston Chronicle, April 3, pp. 21A, 25A.

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