6 Facts Lies about Foods to Diet

Healthy, everyone wants it. One of the important factors to maintain health is by paying attention to the daily food intake. These issues become sexy for the healthcare industry by making use of this issue to the maximum for the elections caused profits.


As quoted from mhrestaurants.com when this has happened the misconception about nutrition. There are some misconceptions that are often scattered. The following 6 lies that we often hear it:

1. Saturated fat is very bad for the heart

It’s been a long time ago we heard that consuming foods with a high fat content that’s very bad for heart health and cholesterol. Butter, cream, cheese, steak and all of you favorite meat will slowly cause heart attacks are inevitable. But the fact is not like that.

Based on research conducted on more than 350 thousand people where a total of 11 thousand people suffered from heart pain for 14 years concludes that there is no correlation between eating saturated fats with heart disease. So should you guys go steak dinner together to celebrate.

2. we should be eating at least 5 times to lose weight

Some say eat before you are hungry and stop before satiety have occurred since centuries ago. A study shows that eating more often not profitable in the composition change on a regular basis. For example if you are not an athlete or frequent exercise is more than 6 hours per week, the weight will not come down with this method.

The more important thing is what we eat, not when it’s time we eat.

3. Carbohydrates cause fat

About this we have believed her since a long time. But should we really be concerned with the effect of carbohydrates? If you are too often eat maple Syrup the possibility of you guys will be obese.

However if you eat wheat, you need not feel worried. As long as we eat sparingly and not excessive will not cause obesity, instead will increase the energy we need.

4. Fruit juice is healthy?

Never right you guys order a fruit juice in a cafe or in the food court. Some even offer a fruit juice mixed with vegetables such as carrots, spinach, lettuce, tomato, cucumber. In some places to eat even the enhance it with garlic or ginger. Is it true that the juice really make us healthy, of course not, because in the juice had been given sugar that sometimes exceed the measure.

5. low-fat Foods actually healthy?

Like the beginning, consuming saturated fat it’s not good for heart health. What about the low levels of fat foods?

According to nutrition experts United Kingdom Ben Coomber, identical with the low fat stuff chemical odor. Of course it is harmful to the body, so it’s better for health choose saturated fat.

6. Calculate the number of calories, is that important?

For people who are dieting, usually like to pay attention to calories that are in packets of food products are sold. But how important is actually paying attention to the amount of calories.

In fact, more important is to choose foods with the content of minerals, proteins and vitamins that are badly needed by the body than paying attention to the amount of calories. For example the same produce 2500 calories from a steak better than 500 calories of a brown.

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Top 10 Fast Food in The World

10 fast food are not good create health

Eating fast food has become a tradition of urban society in the modern era as it is today. A lot of research that says that too much eating food like this is not good for health.

But unfortunately, things like that do not seem to attain any at all, and still there are still many societies that routine eating.


The following 10 different types of food at the restaurant, fast-food restaurant that turns out to be triggered the formation of cancer and other diseases are:

1. French fries

Fries is a snack that already existed since hundreds of years ago. But, this one is food still considered bad when people are too often eating.

Any fried food using vegetable oil, will be bad for the health. This is because the food will contain polyunsaturated fats, which produces free radicals of the cancer in the body.

The fries also tend to contain the cancer-causing chemical called acrylamide.

2. Hot dog

Bread-encrusted long-sized beef mixed with a little mayonnaise, chilli sauce, and tomato sauce also contain that is not healthy for the body.

The hot dog is directly related to increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

The problem is not the food that’s in meat, but the high salt and preservatives often used.

If really want to eat this meal, choose organic, with low-fat and sodium content.

3. Donuts

Plain Donuts do not contain a lot of calories, and does not harm your body. But, now these doughnuts have had many variants, and contain a lot of sugar.

When the mengonsumsinya is only one, it may not matter. But in fact, the average individual eating donuts as much as two to three fruits.

Remember, in the doughnut felt contains no nutrients at all, which would have made the pengonsumsinya will continue to feel hunger.

4. Bacon

Bacon contained sodium is high. Three pieces of meat alone is very dangerous, because it contains sodium is very high.

5. Potato chips

Potato chips are more harmful to health because the average individual routine mengonsumsinya in great abundance.

In addition to its high fat content, chips ketang also contains a lot of sodium and other preservatives, that contribute to the health of pengonsumsinya.

6. Ice cream

The ice cream is so delicious when it is consumed when the weather is terik-teriknya. But, the ice cream contains a lot of calories and sugar are no less the number of drinks a bottle of soda.

Ice cream this malicious intent when he blended with milk and made into milkshakes. When made into milkshakes then you called has been consuming about 1000 calories.

7. Cheese Sticks

The cheese itself is not so harmful for health. But it will be a problem when the cheese is already mixed with bread crumbs and fried.

It happened, in a stick of cheese there are fat and sodium are extremely high, and it is definitely very dangerous to the body.

8. Burger

Fast food is a hamburger with very little nutritional value, and loaded with everything that is bad for health.

The burger is available at fast food restaurants any time has been linked to obesity, heart disease, and other health problems.

9. fish Nuggets

Fish Nuggets are often given a parent to his children. This is clearly against the rules, and not good when given too often.

If you want to be healthy, eat the flesh of the fish is really fresh, and don’t choose the fish that have been processed this way.

Remember, the fish have been processed on average contains many preservatives, especially when fried.

10. Pizza

Pizza which is mixed with a lot of cheese, meats, sauces, with other ingredients, contains 600 calories per slice. The reason that food containing saturated fat, sodium, and carbohydrates.

Just imagine when you spend as much one pizza baking sheet?

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Modern Living Room Design

The living room is usually the place used as a first stop for guests, so it should be as comfortable and attractive as possible. Many people have opted for a minimalist design in many areas of the home, but most especially in living rooms and bedrooms. Sometimes, areas of home can feel cluttered and busy and create an underlying stress we didn’t know was there. In an effort to combat this, below we will give you some minimalistic design ideas that you can use to implement in your living room or anywhere else you’d like.

Tips for styling your living room

One of the main things you should look at in your living room is the colors of the walls. Wall color can completely change the entire feel of a room. Dark colors tend to close a room in and make it feel more dramatic, whereas softer colors will make it feel more tranquil and relaxed. Denver roofing can help you find a color that suits your home and personality. Remember though, when talking about minimalism, less is more. That doesn’t mean you can’t have any decorative elements though.

For example, you can have a dark colored carpet that is placed under the sofa and coffee table to add a little texture to the room. Of course you don’t want the carpet to be loud or flashy, but there’s nothing wrong with a black and white patterned area rug. Unique lamps and lighting can also bring a bit of uniqueness to the room. Same goes for any wall art or knick knacks. Less is always more.

living room sofa

simple living room

modern living room

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